Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Day of School

It is your first day of middle school! I am so excited to spend the
 year with you!
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Each day that our class meets, I will post a blog.  It will include the goals for the day, the agenda, links to notes, presentations and stories, and reminders of any upcoming assignments.  It is a great resource, so please use it!

GOAL: Get acquainted with teacher and classmates.  Familiarize students with classroom and school expectations and procedures.


1) Assigned Seats
2) Make name cards and chat with your table group
3) Letter to Self (you will get it back at the end of the year)

Things to consider including in your letter:

  • thoughts about middle school (hopes and fears)
  • goals for the year
  • favorite songs, shows, movies, games
  • best friends
  • anything else
4) Slideshow about Diegueno ( I will go through it quickly)


Always bring your agenda and a book to read.
You will need a spiral notebook for my class.
Make sure to bring your pink paper from Cougar Camp OR your user name/password for computer login.  You will need it tomorrow.

Friday, June 16th

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