Monday, January 30, 2017

Friday, February 3rd

Today is our book club planning day!  


Mrs. Karney will explain all of the book club jobs/activities.

Mrs. Karney will direct you to the book club planning sheet and give you time to plan out your meetings.

Here is the form!  Make a COPY to share with your group. :)


First BC meeting is Tuesday.  Remember, if I don't have your permission slip, you receive a zero.

Thursday, February 2nd

Goals: To finish up the movie.  To emulate good writing and study the use of punctuation.


Finish the movie
Mentor sentences (You may MAKE a COPY of this and type your work, or do it on paper)
Each table will pick the BEST example to share on this Google document.
SHARE HERE (We may have to come back to this tomorrow)


Get your permission slip signed and bring your book TOMORROW! Permission slip is here. 

Friday, June 16th

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  It's been a pleasure being your teacher. Please take some time to add a slide to  THIS  slide show and wr...