Friday, March 17, 2017

Monday, March 20th


Goals: To continue to develop our skills as writers. To practice writing well-written sentences. To practice our revision skills.

Copy this sentence seed in your notebook.

The storm hit.

Add this information to your sentence. Use proper punctuation. Remember, it must be ONE sentence.

  1. Specify the story or form of precipitation
  2. Identify the place where the storm occurred
  3. Tell when the storm took place
  4. Describe the damage done, casualties resulting, etc.

You can pretend you are a television or newspaper reporter and give the aftermath details of a recent storm in a particular city, town, state, etc.

REVISE THIS PARAGRAPH-You will need to make a copy first. Feel free to use the SAS Writing reviser!


AOW due on Friday (Newsela and personal response) Take the quiz.

Friday, June 16th

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