Thursday, October 20, 2016

Friday, October 21st

GOALS-To find and analyze quotes from the story "The Bargain" that reveal the character traits of either Slade or Mr. Baumer.  


Characterization Project for "The Bargain"using STEAL

Your group has chosen to do the project on Google Slides or poster paper.

Here is the information you need to include in your project:



AOW #4 due Friday

Thursday, October 20th

Goals: Analyze characterization in "The Bargain" using textual evidence.  To have a meaningful group discussion.


Finish "The  Bargain"
Discussion Questions in groups

1s Read the question to your group/reword it if necessary
2s Summarizer-Summarize what each person says (verbally)
3s Draw people in-Make sure people participate
4s Keep track of participation using tally marks
5s Keep track of off topic comments/ behavior using tally marks 

STEAL-Characterization You will be analyzing one of the characters  from "The Bargain" in a group or with a partner.


AOW #3 Due Friday (tomorrow)
Theme writing assignment due tonight by 10PM
Here is a link to "Thank You, Ma'am" in case you need it

Friday, June 16th

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  It's been a pleasure being your teacher. Please take some time to add a slide to  THIS  slide show and wr...