Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friday September 16th

Happy Friday!

Goals:  To write several six-word memoirs and revise one to perfection.  


Watch a short clip of six-word memoirs.

Follow step-by step instructions on how to write your own.

Write a minimum of three memoirs.

Peer feedback

Select your best to put on our class slideshow.


1)  PRINT your slide or, if you don't have access to printer, write it by hand and decorate it.  It must be colorful, neat, We will do the Direct Writing Assessment on Monday and Tuesday. Bring your favorite writing took AND paper (not the kind you rip out of a spiral, please).

Friday, June 16th

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  It's been a pleasure being your teacher. Please take some time to add a slide to  THIS  slide show and wr...