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Thursday, June 1st


Post the following to Kidblog:

argumentative essay
Memory Transfer (narrative)
Your three BEST article of the week responses

Discuss chapters 13, 14, 15
Read 16 and 17
Research activities

The book takes place in the 1840's in Missouri 

Presentation Topics-I am giving you a good link as a starting point. Try to find at least one other source.  Take a THEN and NOW approach.

Games and Pastimes during Tom Sawyer- Research and explain at least four popular games that Tom and his friends may have played. Explain how the games were played, what was needed to play them, and anything you can find about how they originated. Compare to TODAY's games and pastimes.

Education Then and Now- Reasearch the typical classroom, teacher, and ways students were taught during this time. Compare and contrast school today to school in the mid 1800s. What would a typical day be like in school for Tom? What was discipline like?

Women’s Fashion     Men and Women’s Fashion-What were some of the typical fashions worn by men and women? Describe them? Shoes? Roundabouts? Compare them to today's fashions.

Lives of Women during this TIme-What did women have to do on a typical day? Describe a typical day and some of the tasks. Laundry? Cooking? HOW was it done. Compare it to today.

Patent Medicine  another Patent Medicine-What were some of the patent medicines used during Tom's time? Describe them and what they claimed to cure? Were any of them dangerous? Compare them to a few of the medicines we have today.

Superstitions-What were some of the superstitions in the book?  Describe them. What are some modern day superstitions? Describe them and find how they originated.

Your last slide MUST have a works cited page. Use easybib.


Read 18, 19, and 20 by tomorrow

Wednesday, May 31st


Tom Sawyer reading quiz
Finish point of view writing activity
Submit it to turnitin by 10PM tonight
Read chapter 12


Read 13, 14, and 15

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday, May 30th


Return Vocabulary 

Discuss 6, 7, and 8

Huckleberry Finn-Imitating Twain's style
Make a copy of THIS and write your own description of Huck from a DIFFERENT point of view. . You must maintain the same number of sentences, sentence patterns, and style as much as possible. 


Read 9, 10, and 11.  Quiz tomorrow!  Keep vocabulary from 1-2.  Do not lose it.  

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Friday, May 26th


It's Friday!


Please fill in this Google Form for your Newsela AOW
Work on THIS padlet with your table

Turn in vocabulary for 1-4. 

Discuss chapter 5.

Read 6


Read 7 

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Thursday, May 25th


Warm up for vocabulary

Tom's maturity-Three scenes

Discuss 3 and 4 

Compare Tom and Aunt Polly

I have posted the text of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the vocabulary, and the word map in the SIDE bar of this blog.  Read 5 and 6 Vocabulary for 1-4 will be due tomorrow.

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Wednesday, May 24th


Warm up for vocabulary
Click HERE for the Padlet Activity
Skits-Illustrate the theme from chapter 2 in a creative way
Read 3


Read 4 and do vocabulary for 3 and 4. I will collect the vocab for 1-4 TOMORROW
Newsela quiz

Tuesday, May 23rd

Tom Sawyer
Growing Up/Maturity
Vocabulary-Here is the Word Map
Vocabulary List for the Book-Complete Word Maps for HIGHLIGHTED words but study all words


Read Newsela article by Friday and take a quiz
Finish vocabulary word maps for chapters 1 and 2 by TOMORROW

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Monday, May 22nd

Goals: To gain background knowledge before reading Tom Sawyer. This will help us enjoy and appreciate the novel.

Tom Sawyer Days from PBS This is a slideshow with excerpts from Twain’s autobiography, as well as photos, and interesting tidbits about growing up during this time

Mark Twain Quotes- More MT quotes

Friday, May 20th

Thank Ms. Smith for teaching you!


Finish book

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Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th


Memory Transfer Feedback

First thing! Share your Memory Transfer writing with me even if you are not finished. I will not be accepting late work, so share your work now so that you receive at least partial credit.
Make sure you click the "can comment" option

Feedback/ Revise

Step 1- Find a partner
Step 2- Read your own writing aloud to your partner while your partner writes down questions that they have about your writing.
Step 3- Discuss the questions that your partner wrote down.
Step 4-6- Repeat the steps above for the partner who has not yet read his/her own writing.
Step 7- Revise your writing based on the feedback you received from your partner.

Giver Chapter 21
From Chapter 21, choose a quote that explains why Jonas does not want to live in the community anymore.

Read Chapter 22
Utopian Society
What is a utopia?
It is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.

Examples: The Giver, WALL-E on the Axiom,

What is a dystopia?
A society characterized by oppression, disease, and misery; a community that is undesirable.

Examples: Brave New World, Hunger Games, The Giver

What do you think The Giver is? Utopian or dystopian?

Your turn:
Follow the link and choose a utopia as a group. (Here is another link that you mind find useful for utopian societies.
Be able to explain to the class what your society is, if it is utopian or dystopian, and what the rules of the society are (you may have to do more research on it).


AOW due Friday-Read Newsela article and take quiz. Then write a personal response.

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Tuesday, May16th


Read Chapter 20
Memory Transfer Directions/Rubric
Possible peer review if time


AOW due Friday. You must write a personal response and take a Newsela quiz
Revise Memory Transfer

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Friday, May 12th


Remember that Monday is late start


Read Chapter 19 in The Giver
Work on Memory Transfer Writing Activity-Directions HERE

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 10th



Read chapter 16

Table groups present a discussion question to the class and class discusses it

Finish color activity


Read chapter 17

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8th


Read chapter 12
Charades to review the important scenes in Giver


Read chapter 13

Friday, June 16th

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