Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wednesday, November 16th and Thursday, November 17th

I am so excited about our stations today!  Because I only see you for a single period, not a block, it will likely take us two class periods to complete all of the stations.  That's okay!

Goals: Each of the stations addresses a standard/goal.  We will be analyzing poetry, looking at word choice and theme, participating in a collaborative discussion, and MORE!

Here are the Stations:


  1. Read the directions for each station carefully.
  2. Stay on task
  3. If you finish early at any station, do NOT leave the station.  You may play freerice.
  4. Leave your station clean and ready for the next group.

You will have fifteen minutes at each station. If you do not finish something at a station, please do NOT stay behind.  


“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Draw a picture on the butcher paper that you think captures the meaning of the poem. Use color. Sign your name under the picture.

In your notebook jot down a list of things that do not last forever. We will use them   later.


We have read four chapters in The Outsiders so far.
You and your group will create a variety of tableaus. A tableau is a “frozen” scene.


Think of the most important moments/scenes in the book so far. Choose the THREE most important events so far.

Create a frozen tableau that represents each of these scenes. ONE person must photograph the tableaus, and you can take turns being the photographer. It’s best to use a phone to take the pictures and post them to the Padlet.

You will then SHARE your two BEST photos on the Padlet Below.  Next to each photo, explain WHY you chose the scene and what it is showing from the book.  


Graffiti Wall

Write  two quotes from the assigned chapters on the “wall”. Make sure to punctuate it properly and include the page number.

Respond to two  quotes on the wall.  Explain why you think the quote is important. What is it showing us?  You should write at least three sentences for each quote.


Subjects and Predicates

Watch the two videos (use headphones). Please take notes on the videos. Then play the game!



  1. What do we know about the Greasers so far?

      2) What do we know about the Socs so far?

     3) How does Ponyboy feel about the Socs so far?

     4) Do any of the characters seem to be hiding their true selves?  Give examples.  Why do you think they might be doing this?

  5)  Do you see evidence of stereotyping or prejudice in the novel?  Give examples.

  6)  How do these stereotypes and prejudices affect the situations and relationships in the book?

7) Predictions for the novel


Marking the Text

You will need to take out the article you printed for this assignment.

Read the article. When you are finished, create a found poem using words from the article. You may either cut out the words to make your poem or write them.  Remember, poems do NOT have to rhyme. You are trying to convey the important ideas in the article. If you do not finish, place your cut out words in an envelope and you can finish later.

Friday, June 16th

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