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argumentative essay
Memory Transfer (narrative)
Your three BEST article of the week responses

Discuss chapters 13, 14, 15
Read 16 and 17
Research activities

The book takes place in the 1840's in Missouri 

Presentation Topics-I am giving you a good link as a starting point. Try to find at least one other source.  Take a THEN and NOW approach.

Games and Pastimes during Tom Sawyer- Research and explain at least four popular games that Tom and his friends may have played. Explain how the games were played, what was needed to play them, and anything you can find about how they originated. Compare to TODAY's games and pastimes.

Education Then and Now- Reasearch the typical classroom, teacher, and ways students were taught during this time. Compare and contrast school today to school in the mid 1800s. What would a typical day be like in school for Tom? What was discipline like?

Women’s Fashion     Men and Women’s Fashion-What were some of the typical fashions worn by men and women? Describe them? Shoes? Roundabouts? Compare them to today's fashions.

Lives of Women during this TIme-What did women have to do on a typical day? Describe a typical day and some of the tasks. Laundry? Cooking? HOW was it done. Compare it to today.

Patent Medicine  another Patent Medicine-What were some of the patent medicines used during Tom's time? Describe them and what they claimed to cure? Were any of them dangerous? Compare them to a few of the medicines we have today.

Superstitions-What were some of the superstitions in the book?  Describe them. What are some modern day superstitions? Describe them and find how they originated.

Your last slide MUST have a works cited page. Use easybib.


Read 18, 19, and 20 by tomorrow

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Tom Sawyer reading quiz
Finish point of view writing activity
Submit it to turnitin by 10PM tonight
Read chapter 12


Read 13, 14, and 15

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