Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tuesday, September 20th

Goals: Finish the Direct Writing Assessment

1) Pass out packets
2) Review strategies for the writing component of the assessment
3) Finish assessment

Thursday, September 22nd

I am so excited to read today's story!

Goals: To practice close reading strategies and analyze the effect of literary techniques on a piece of writing.


1) Quick  homework check (vocabulary sheet) If you were absent, see yesterday's post for the handout.

2) RATS video clip
Jaws clip
3) Listen to/follow along as we read "Three Skeleton Key". I will be pausing to ask questions, point out things, etc.    Notice any of your vocabulary words? :)  We will focus on:
suspense (How does the author create it?)


(I love the narrator's creepy voice)

Here is the story:

"Three Skeleton Key"

Plot Terms and literary techniques (You might want to print this out and keep in your notebook)


Read through the story again.  Pick two examples of foreshadowing, imagery, or irony from the story.  Copy down the page number and quote from the story.  You should pick the literary element that you think MOST helps to create suspense in the story!


Friday, June 16th

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  It's been a pleasure being your teacher. Please take some time to add a slide to  THIS  slide show and wr...