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Tuesday, September 28th

Happy Tuesday!

Goals:  To revise our paragraphs using feedback from our peers and teacher.To practice close reading strategies.

1)  Peer Feedback on paragraph of "Three Skeleton Key"
I will give you a copy of these questions to refer to as you read your classmate's paper.  These are also great questions for YOU to use when evaluating your own work.

Read the first sentence.  It should have the following:
Title of story IN QUOTES and capitalized properly-  “Three Skeleton Key”
Name of author (capitalized correctly)
ONE element (imagery or foreshadowing) that the author uses to create suspense

Read BOTH quotes.  Are they both EXCELLENT examples of the selected element?  Do they create suspense?  Could the writer have chosen a more powerful example?

Are PAGE #s in parenthesis after each quote?  Remember-it should like like this:

“...and then he raced down the street as fast as he could” (16).  

Does EACH quote have a lead-in that provides the CONTEXT of the quote?  In other words, it explains WHAT is happening in the story when the sentence appears in the story.

Is each quote followed by a MINIMUM of two sentences of commentary?  Do these sentences explain HOW the writer creates suspense by using the sentence?  

Read over and look for fragments, run-ons, and other errors. Let writer know if you find any errors.

 Summarize your thoughts of the paragraph

2)Article of the Week #1

  • circle key words/underline author's claims
  • annotate/write in the margins

Bring your completely annotated article tomorrow.
Your revised paragraph is due to TURNITIN.COM by 10PM TOMORROW night.

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