Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th


Memory Transfer Feedback

First thing! Share your Memory Transfer writing with me even if you are not finished. I will not be accepting late work, so share your work now so that you receive at least partial credit.
Make sure you click the "can comment" option

Feedback/ Revise

Step 1- Find a partner
Step 2- Read your own writing aloud to your partner while your partner writes down questions that they have about your writing.
Step 3- Discuss the questions that your partner wrote down.
Step 4-6- Repeat the steps above for the partner who has not yet read his/her own writing.
Step 7- Revise your writing based on the feedback you received from your partner.

Giver Chapter 21
From Chapter 21, choose a quote that explains why Jonas does not want to live in the community anymore.

Read Chapter 22
Utopian Society
What is a utopia?
It is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.

Examples: The Giver, WALL-E on the Axiom,

What is a dystopia?
A society characterized by oppression, disease, and misery; a community that is undesirable.

Examples: Brave New World, Hunger Games, The Giver

What do you think The Giver is? Utopian or dystopian?

Your turn:
Follow the link and choose a utopia as a group. (Here is another link that you mind find useful for utopian societies.
Be able to explain to the class what your society is, if it is utopian or dystopian, and what the rules of the society are (you may have to do more research on it).


AOW due Friday-Read Newsela article and take quiz. Then write a personal response.

Friday, June 16th

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